Welcome to Dog -N- Suds Pet Grooming School

My decision to open a dog grooming school was made because I felt offering a better learning environment with more hands on experience was a necessity. Students will not just be practicing on given dogs, they will be able to observe all aspects of the dog grooming business as they become part of the world of dog grooming.

My name is Phyllis McDonald and I have lived in Medina, Ohio all of my adult life.  


Having fun

My students and I will have fun as we make our groomed dogs beautiful and our clients happy while enjoying the humane and profitable world of dog grooming. This dog grooming school is more of an apprenticeship.

What you can expect

During this program students will be taught many aspects of dog grooming including animal treatment and safety, how to use clippers and scissors, dematting and styling, customer service, and investment start up costs.

      “I was so afraid of hurting the dogs while learning to groom them that I almost did not go to dog grooming school. But phyllis made me feel right at home and made sure I would not harm any of the pets.”

You will get one on one instruction from me while working on these dogs and cats which is an additional value over other dog grooming schools. We never have more than three students at one time because we believe small classes are the best way to learn.

There is no reason to be afraid because I will not push you beyond your ability.

You will never need to purchase scissors or clippers for this class.
We will provide all of the necessary dog grooming school equipment. All the wear and tear is part of the initial fee. No hidden charges will apply. Before you start your own grooming business or go to work for someone you will have the opportunity to use our equipment and get a feel for what constitutes the correct equipment for you.

Why choose Dog - N - Suds Grooming School

We never have more than three students at a time which ensures hands on training and close instruction from the instructor!

      “Phyllis gives her students real hands on experience working with dogs. She places the safety of the dogs above everything else and teaches you ways to approach grooming that are safe for the dog and the groomer. Phyllis shares her skill as a groomer to help you become the best groomer you can be. Anyone that wants to be a dog groomer will learn under her guidance.”

The fee we charge is all inclusive. We have no additional costs. Other dog grooming schools charge extra for scissors and/or clippers. We provide the scissors and clippers as part of our basic fee. We provide a grooming manual and groom smock at no additional cost as part of your $2,750 fee.

State of the Art Equipment

We are proud to announce that we have attained brand new equipment.
The new equipment includes:

• New Mobile Service

• Hydro Surge Bathing System

• Clipper Vac

• Electric Cable


Next steps

Download, read, sign and return the application!

You'll be grooming in no time!

happy groomer